Friday, June 22, 2007

Niche Web Site Design Tips for Targeted Niche Marketing

Niche web site design is first step in a strong niche marketing campaign. Niche marketing isn’t something that everyone that runs an online business automatically knows and understands. When it comes to web site design, keeping your focus on your niche target is critical to effectively marketing your business online. Niche web site design essentially means one sharply focused theme throughout your website. The best place to start planning your web site is your ideal visitor.

Your ideal customer will have built in visual expectations. Take the time to brainstorm about how you want to pull in your visitors with color, graphics, logo and layout of your web site. Choose a niche theme that is not based on what you happen to like personally but actually what your ideal customer expects. The important thing is to choose a strong targeted niche theme for your web site then keep it consistent throughout your site.

Remember…the more focused the theme, the better your visitors will respond to become customers. It’s very easy to get temporarily sidetracked and get caught up in adding another related theme without maximizing the niche theme you started out with originally.

Once you have settled on a targeted niche, you can outline the subcategories that fall under your web site theme. Keep a tight rein on your products, articles, links, services and affiliate programs on your web site to ensure that you don’t move away from the niche theme that you created in the beginning.


A web site that carries one theme, one voice, one focus and resources all geared to meeting the needs of THAT target market – has a better chance of success. Think about it. The more specialized a business or practice, the more faith you have in what they deliver.

Niche Web Site Example

You offer baby slings. You may offer other baby related things on your web site but the main baby product that you market is your baby slings. You will choose colors, logo, graphics and pictures with a mother and baby theme. The articles and product descriptions will be targeted toward both experienced moms and new mothers. You can write articles on attachment parenting, frequently asked questions about baby slings, safety and how to use baby slings to develop a stronger bond with your newborn. From your articles to product descriptions you will want to use the keywords that draw expectant mothers to your web site.

Keep this in mind ~ even link exchanges on your web site will bring visitors if you choose your link exchanges to be useful resources rather simply a trading of links. When you consider the main theme of your website and the potential visitors, you will know what they are looking for online. Become a useful resource for them and they will come back again and again.

A tightly focused niche web site that presents itself as a major resource for information as well as quality products will bring you the traffic and sales that a broader (almost diluted) website cannot deliver.

Already have a web site? Do you already have a broad range of products or services? Simply look objectively at your web site, target your niche market then match one of your product lines to THAT market. Once you have chosen one product or service to market, dig down deep create a theme that will draw visitors for the market you want. Fully address all these areas above for that one chosen product.

With each aspect of your web site design, keeping your focus on your niche target will guide your decision making AND bring you the results you are looking for with your online business. To hit the bull’s eye, you need to have a clear target. Knowing the visitors and customers that you want to draw will help you create a niche website that becomes a valuable resource on the net to your visitors. Remember - Success is in the Niche.

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By: Tammy Ames

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