Monday, November 19, 2007

Design Strategies for Your Promotional Pens

If you are looking for ways to increase your sales, you need offline and online marketing strategies so as to make your company or your products or services visible to costumers. One of the best offline marketing ploy you can add to your existing ones is by giving out promotional pens or having one tucked in your pockets, ready to be given out anytime to prospective customers. Nonetheless, there are some design strategies that you must consider for this promotional strategy to work.

Logo for your company

Embossed or in ink print, your company logo must be in your promotional pens. However, it must be in a form of abbreviation (of your company name) or image logo. For instance, your law firm's logo is a pencil-sketched balance, with thin lines that convey a modern look. Print your firm's logo at the upper part of the pen, so that it can be seen easily by anybody. Or if your law firm's name is Smith, Wesson, Colt & Jacobs, you can instead affix the law firm's abbreviated name, that is, SWC & J, for brevity.

One product or service

To promote your products or services, your promotional pens must have just one product or service printed on the ridges of the pen. This to avoid confusion as to what products or services you are offering and to keep the focus on a specific product, as though it was on a spotlight. The text must begin one inch from the tip of the pen, and ends just half an inch before your logo.

In the case of a law firm, if the firm specializes in alternative dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration, the firm may write along the ridges the following: "International arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution." Even if the law firm engages in properties, wills and testaments and corporate law, it cannot put every service that it renders in a single pen. This is to keep the focus on one service.

Plain, two-tone colors

If you can avoid it, don't go for multi-color. Your aim is for the texts and logo to be visible and readable even at a longer distance. You can only do this if your texts and logo stands out from the pen. Therefore, just go for plain, two-tone colors to create a clear contrast between the pen and the text and logo print.
Select plain, bold colors in navy blue, dark green, maroon or black. These are considered as safe colors for your pen -- safe because these colors can be used by professionals and entrepreneurs (for the corporate look), and college students and the academe (for the clean and clear look).

To avoid overkill in design, follow these design strategies and you wouldn't go wrong. You can also ask a promotional pens supplier to give you samples of their designs to give you an idea on what to do with yours. Always remember that for your promotional pens to work, they must have simple designs that read clearly what products or services you are offering.

Gareth Parkin is the co-founder of Ideasbynet, the UK's leading online promotional pens and printed company based in the north of England. Established in 2001, he has taken the UK gift market by storm by the application of modern business thinking and the latest search engine marketing techniques. For more details visit

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