Friday, March 21, 2008

The Role of Typography

Graphic Design is a very challenging creative and artistic job. Graphic designer has to be able to solve the task given and comes up with the idea of visual communication which not only attractive but yet persuading the viewers/readers to grab the message behind it and arouse the emotion, logic and certain needs. Generally, graphic designer use a lot of pictures, symbols, letters and any other graphic elements.

Sometimes, Graphic Designer is assigned to do the lay out or composition of many words or long sentences on many pages. In this case, letters or typography is no longer as an additional element but they are the main element of the graphic communication known as books, brochures or catalogue.

Either as an additional or main element, typography has a very important role to determine the result of visual communication. Many designers think that the most important in design is the thought or the idea and how it would be executed. They consider typography as an additional element.

The truth is that typography could be the main idea of the graphic communication and could be the only effective visual communication. In some cases, we found that the mistakes of the typography usage could ruins the whole design no matter how good the design is. The result is that the viewers/readers couldn’t get the message that we try to deliver. Some designers, especially the beginners don’t have the sense of harmony (yet) which is one of the graphic design principles. They were inclined to use fonts based on what they like, even more, they use them almost in same size, without considering the harmony, balance and yet headlines, sub headlines and content.

Choosing the type of fonts has some consideration, which are:

- the style of design (classic, modern or futuristic style)
- what design is about (the product)
- the size of the media
- how much information to put on

Try not to use too much kind of font on 1 page, 2 different types of fonts is the best. You can play around by make it bold, italic, use different size or different colors to make them looks vary.

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