Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to Find A Reliable and Experience Graphic Designer?

If you're looking for a graphic designer that is both reliable and experienced and creates excellent graphics then keep reading this short article which will list a few key points from the above title.

The first thing when looking for a graphic designer is to decide why you are looking for one in the first place whether you need just a custom ebook cover, a header graphic, logo, blog, or even a website template. Once you have decided why you need the graphic designer you then need to search for one on Google or maybe try asking your friends if they have any recommendations for any designers they have used in the past.

When you find a graphic designers web site you then need to study the sales letter, the portfolio if they have one, if not then maybe try asking for them to show you some work and any testimonials they have, also their prices depending on your budget.

If you come across the graphic designer’s web site and you like their style of work, they have good testimonials, price is right then should you order straight away. Possibly! What I would do is search for a few more graphic designers because every graphic designer is different, you might find that you actually like maybe two or three different graphic designers so it’s always best to search out graphic designers for all of the above; portfolio, testimonials, price.

Once you're happy that you have found the right graphic designer and the price is right you then need to follow their instructions on their website to order your graphics some graphic designers make you pay first then they deliver your graphics usually a rough draft within so many hours or days. Other graphic designers create your graphics first and then after you have seen what they have dawned you then pay them, both ways have their advantages.

Also you need to find out if they offer a guarantee or a refund if you're not happy with their work, most designers will work with you until you are completely satisfied, and some even offer a 90 day money back guarantee, there are even some designers that will create your graphics, you then put them to use on your website and if you don't generate any sales within a certain period you can then get them to redo your graphics or you can ask for your money back.

So make sure before you even hire a graphic designer that you do some research.

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By: Sean John

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