Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How Can You Design Your Own Wedding Logo?

Most couples want to make their wedding as unique as possible. One of the ways to make something unique is to personalize it. No one will doubt that everyone is unique and by personalizing the wedding items they should be unique to some extend.

In the design industry, there is something called brand building. By the name of brand building you will know that the idea is to build the brand for a corporation. Making a logo is one of the essential tasks in the process of brand building. The logo can help people to distinguish one company from another. Although a wedding is not the same as building a brand for a company, making a wedding logo is still a good idea to make the wedding unique.

To make your wedding items more unique, you should of course print or have it embossed on your wedding invitation. Besides, you can print them on the wedding favors. You may also make a backdrop with your logo on it for your wedding reception. In this way you can use your logo to make your wedding more unique. However, you may have a question in you mind that if you can design or make the logo yourself. The answer is certainly yes.

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding logo is to design a monogram. In the past it is nearly impossible for one do make such a logo himself / herself without the help of a professional graphic designer or illustrator. We should thank to the advance in computer technology that with the software you may use everyday, both at work and at home, you can create your own monogram wedding logo without any difficulty.

In most cases you will take your initials to make your wedding monogram. You can use just Microsoft Word to create you wedding monogram. You can try to create you monogram by composing different fonts. If you find that there is only a limited number of fonts in your computer, you can search in Google for free fonts. These "free fonts" are usually free for personal uses, you can use them without any problem.

In some cases you may want to use your full names to make the wedding logo. This will need a bit more skill and time. And in this case time is more important. If you take enough time to test various combinations of different fonts and typefaces, you should be able to make your wedding logo with your full names.

Some professional designers may think that Microsoft Word is not a software meant to be making designs. However, it should be good enough for you to make your wedding logo.

Using a monogram as a wedding logo is a good idea since it normally can deliver a sense of nobleness. However, some people may think a monogram (especially monograms in Victorian style) is too formal. You may want to go for something less formal since a wedding is meant to be fun. The followings are some concepts you may use to make your wedding logo

1. Your occupation
2. Your date of wedding
3. Your dates of birth
4. The place you two were born

The above only gives you a direction for you to start designing your wedding logo. There should be many more concepts. With your imagination, you should be able to create the best wedding logo of your own, and on your own.

Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer with great interest in Chinese Style Wedding cards. He designs unique Chinese Wedding Invitations in different styles. Besides, he runs A Wedding Blog to share wedding tips. You can also find lists of wedding vendors from his Wedding Directory Websites.

By: Jerry Leung


ASinAustin, aka Alyson Paige said...

Check out www.truelovelogos.com for tons of design ideas.

Saddam hussain said...

design own logoDesigning of a Logo has become very essential as it is a symbolic representation of your company in terms of vision, value and objectives and also it's your first positive impression on your customers