Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Web Site Design - What to Put on Your Web Site

Your web site should reflect the business or services it offers. It should provide easy navigation for the visitor and the message should be clear. The graphics should be small so the page loads quickly (some people still have older browsers) and further more there should be some basic information on you that should be on your site.

Your mission statement, services, and products. Provide enough information to not leave the visitors guessing or questioning you. Have an “About us” section, here provide information on the staff, team, qualifications along with any other information that you feel will better connect you with the visitor. Express why they should choose you.

List what sets you apart from the others and provide testimonies of past customers if possible. This allows the visitor to feel more at ease knowing that “real” people have had both negative and positive results from using you. Provide all the contact to include phone numbers, email address, hours of operations, fax numbers. This provides the customers a way to reach you should they have further questions or concerns. If possible, have a search tool or a site index.

A site index provides a list of what is on the site. A search tool will allow the visitor to search by keywords or sentences for particular information.

All of these combined will increase an easy to view site and that will make visiting a happier experience for those who come and visit. Use these simple suggestions and your site will have satisfied visitors.

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