Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Arts and Design Training

Schools that provide arts and design training offer studies of crafts, arts, and design of all kinds. Arts and design training introduces a broad range of materials and hands-on instruction, including clay, wood, metal, and fiber.

Vocational arts and design training programs can be greatly diversified and may include courses in graphic design, jewelry production, illustration, interior design, fashion, film, animation, architecture, furniture, sculpture, and more. Arts and design training can also include painting, photography, sound design, and visual effects. Students in arts and design training programs will take courses in drawing, sketching, color, tools, techniques, creative vision, and art theory.

Art and design schools promote the development of critical skills to prepare students for professions in animation, studio arts, performing arts, production, advertising, educational instruction, video, film, and in graphic design, interior design, and architectural design.

Arts and design training may also include courses in the design of various mechanical devices and machines, such as kitchen appliances, windows, bathroom units, cars, airplanes, toys, and even interactive games, depending on the focus of the particular school and the interests of individual students. Artistic creativity and expression, intellectual understanding, and professional development are concerns of quality arts and design training in vocational, technical, and trade schools and community colleges.

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