Thursday, January 3, 2008

Book Cover Designing

Book covers contribute as a litmus test to the success of a book. A buyer should be able to get the feel of the subject by glancing at the cover of a book.

There are few tips to be taken care of while designing the cover of a book.

1. Distinctive title or name of the book on its cover. Name of the book should stand out on the book's cover. Color, style and size of the font should be chosen carefully. Simple common rules are most useful like choice of opposite color shades i.e. dark font on a light image or vice verca.

2. Image or artwork or collage used on the book cover should definitely relate very clearly to the subject of the book. This involves great creativity like the one which goes in designing the logo for a company. Because its the image which acts as a strut or a prop to the recognition of your book's performance in reader's mind.

3. Towards the bottom normally the cover design should carry the writer and publisher's name. The fon size for this is kept much lower than that of the book's title.

4. Most importantly the cover design should give a perfect balance of artwork and text which communicates the glance of the book's subject with clarity.

Normally a couple of variants or designs are prepared and evaluated on parameters of appeal, recognition and impact value before pin pointing on one design which finally goes to make the history for a book's performance.

The author is a veteran in this field of book cover designing since last 3 decades. He runs a company specializing in book cover designing and book composing. Several samples and profile are available at

By: Manuj Bajaj

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