Friday, February 1, 2008

Fantasy Abstract Art

Fantasy abstract art is a form of abstract art which uses dreams, myths, magic, wild designs, and stories in major. Fantasy art varies from Roman Gods to Mermaids to different fairy tales and more. Fantasy art is entirely about the imagination or the things that have developed just the way you dream about them.

Most of the fantasy abstract art work uses oil on canvas material. This provides the drawing with an additional attraction and moreover a realistic way of appearance. In general, a fantasy art drawing which uses oil on canvas differs in variety of sizes and the price package. For an oil-on-canvas fantasy art at a size of 18'x24', the price range would come around $375. Fantasy art can be categorized not only in the abstract form, but it is also developed in the modern form of art.

In the recent years, fantasy abstract art can also be developed with the use of software. The software offers you with quick drawing and development of fantasy art, along with lots of features that you can make use of. Fantasy art has been developed for more than twenty-five years with some exquisite masterpieces from various artists.

Fantasy abstract art has developed more number of drawings which comprise aliens, angels, collectives, dark, dragons, dreams, fairies, furry, goddesses and gods, mermaids, myths, sci-fi, and vampires. These are developed in the form of an imaginable manner, just giving shape to our dreams. This form of art development is gradually increasing in number, for the reason that it very soon attracts any kind of art lover. Fantasy abstract arts are also available around $8 in either framed or mounted forms, which have huge variety in selection with an incredible work done.

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By: Damian Sofsian

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