Monday, February 18, 2008

VADE - Artwork and Imagery for media applications

Vade: Artwork Posters Wallpapers.

If you are in the market for abstract artwork for your media promotions, you may have seen the artwork on offer from Vade. We decided to delve deeper in to there site and artwork (most of which is license free), from

The artists who combine to produce the artwork available from that site cover a wide range of the more abstract styles. Some of the work appears quite intense but the majority of the imagery available is suitable for use in music and media production work.

The approach they take to their media is much more open with the heavy use of symmetry and intense colors. Although some may feel that it the images are simply mirrored textures it seems that once you take a look at the style they present (which is easier than trying to explain in words) you can see that a lot of work has gone in to each image/artwork piece.

We came across there work have seen it used on music CD releases and it has to be said that it does add that extra something to your productions although once the images become well know online the unique aspect may diminish somewhat.

Although there is not a lot of info about the guys who produce this work, we get the feeling that they are pretty much happy just making the work available to the general public license free.

Unlike most other artwork sites, you don't have to join up to get your hands on the artwork and having used their work on several projects recently they are now among our list of favorite artwork sites. It’s a bit more refreshing than searching Google images…!

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By: Gary Hall

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