Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moden Interior Design

Modern interior design does not just mean the decorating styles of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It actually refers to the clean streamlined furniture and architectural styles of the 1930’s. This style has its base in the German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern design. Polished surfaces, clean geometric shapes and asymmetry are characteristics of this style. Expansive, unadorned windows help to connect the interior and exterior of the home. Colors:

The neutral palette allows the objects in the design to take center stage. White walls are predominant in a modern interior design with furnishings, accessories and fabrics sporting neutral tone-on-tone color schemes. Wall colors are in the light and highly reflective color range--white-based greens, teals and blues as well as stark white. Ceilings are usually painted a crisp, bright white to further emphasize dramatic architectural features.


The surfaces of homes done in a modern interior design are sleek, smooth and polished. Flooring is usually concrete, granite or linoleum. The common accents found in the kitchen are chrome and stainless steel and the cabinets are usually finished with a lacquer.


Modern interior design focuses on geometric and angular shapes. Light streaming through the windows makes an artistic statement and brings attention to the interior architecture.


The art and accessories used in modern interior design are extremely important and should exhibit striking shapes or forms. Spotlights should be used to focus on the art and create a visual impact.

Modern interior design uses less texture and is more about form and artistic expression than function. The touches of color added to the artwork and accessories are designed to make you think. Decorative accents such as oversized round chrome accessories, square-edged furnishings and rectangular -patterned rugs and artwork add to the ambiance of the d├ęcor.

Stainless steel, metal tubing, chrome and black accents are the hallmark of a high-tech designed area. Kitchens often feature an "industrial" look with sleek metallic appliances and storage cabinets. Glass block or curving transparent window glass may be set in a wall. The cabinetry is usually sleek and unadorned with plain panel doors and hardware that's hidden or unobtrusive.

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By: Ken Wilssens

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