Thursday, February 28, 2008

Original Artwork Online

When it comes to buying original artwork online there is nothing better than purchasing a piece of original artwork directly from the artist who produced the work.

Not all artists promoting their original artwork for sale online have their own web site though, so it is quite common that you will see a lot of online galleries

promoting and selling artwork on the behalf of the artist.

This is a perfect scenario for an artist who would prefer to be doing what they ultimately do well, which is creating their art – instead of spending a lot of time on marketing their work.

However, I do admire the many artists who have a hand in the representation of promoting their artwork.

In fact, in a lot of respects it can be to the artist's advantage because as with producing artwork, marketing also requires some creativity. What better way to take advantage of that creativity with some input into their own marketing?

I am sure Dali and Picasso lived to see their success because they ultimately had a hand in the their overall "marketing machine". As a lot of us know, both of these amazing artists certainly new how to

make a splash and capture the public's attention.

This leads me to suggest that if you are looking to buy original artwork online, perhaps have a look to see if the artist is involved with his or her own promotion and associated marketing.

Of course this is not critical when it comes to buying original artwork because it goes without saying; good art is good art regardless if you meet the artist or get to read the

artists philosophy on life.

For a lot of people the art itself is enough to capture their attention. If the artwork holds enough credibility on its own because of its quality or manner in which it was produced and you truly love it, that’s all that really matters.

But if you appreciate an artist's work because you also like the way they view the world or tell a story within their artwork, you just may discover that you have been drawn to them through the manner in which they have represented themselves through their marketing and promotion.

Sometimes you will discover that there are additional little qualities that surround an artist when making an assessment to buy his or her original artwork.

This could be associated to how well they are getting the message across through their marketing and not just their artwork alone.

Here are a few tips that may interest you:

One way to discover more about the artist selling their work online is to see if they have their own independent web site.

If they do, then perhaps consider getting on their newsletter or mailing list. That way you'll get to appreciate how they are representing themselves and what their movements are within the art scene.

Sometimes, but not all time, you can get more of a personal tone when an artist has a hand in their own promotion. It can add to the

appreciation and overall enjoyment of purchasing their work.

These tips are not necessary but if you have discovered an artist that is speaking to you and not being spoken for, then perhaps hop along for the ride for a while.

Get to see how they present themselves and produce their work. Not only is it fun to watch but it can be quite interesting as well.

Nate Thomas is a writer and advocate of original Australian art. If you are an art collector or simply an admirer of quality art Nate highly recommends you visit Caku Art

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