Monday, September 10, 2007

5 Bulletproof Business Secrets For Graphic Designers & Advertisers

What You Will Learn By Reading This

This article covers getting your own blog, finding great FREE content for it, how to get interviews from famous designers for your blog, setting up a list and driving traffic to your site. Read on, o great one!

Be A List Rock Star In No Time

Why, you say? Why should I get a list? Well, one, your opinionated right?

Get Your Own Megaphone, & Force The World To Listen To You

Ok, starting from scratch, you are a creative person. All creative people, you, have big strong opinions. These opinions can hurt you and help you! The best thing to do if you cannot shut up is get your own megaphone, a blog, for instance. If you go to and you can get your own free blog. This way, you can start writing about your passion, graphic design, typography, layout, fonts, advertising methods and marketing, photography, etc.

Get Your List On

Starting a list can be hard. Basically you need to have really relevant content for your audience. Websites they have never seen, books they don't know about, podcasts they would love, other designers they can get inspiration from. You get the idea. Inspire, communicate, create a community.

The Three Steps To Fame & Fortune In Design & Advertising

1. Go to and set up a free blog. Or go to, get a domain name, then go to and get hosting. Then, go to and install your new blog on your own site. If you don't know to do any of this, stick with for now or or something. A simple blogger platform.

2. Write 15 or so posts on your new blog, the contents. Link to other authoritative blogs in your area. One such site is Brand Nu out of England. Look him up. I think it's

He is amazing. Become friends with him.

3. Go to and research what others are writing about. Comment on their blog and exchange links with them. Add them to your blogroll or link bar on Blogger. See traffic grow.

4. If you have a website, but no list, you should start using, which is a free auto responder. It will help you put up forms like the opt-in one to the right of this article. See it? The one with the headline? This is how I capture opt-ins.

The main benefit to the opt-in list is that they get certain products I am working on for a big discount, and they also get more targeted, very specific advice and secret website links to boost their graphic design business.

5. Get Relevant content to your list. How? Contact other designers and advertisers and ask to interview them. It's simple. Go to their site, email them and ask for a quick interview by email.

TIP: Email the questions for the interview in the same email that you ask them for it.

This makes it easy for them.

TIP 2: Do not ask more than 8 questions.

I've already contacted Radim from Brand Nu and he has agreed to be interviewed. Do the same thing. Drive traffic to your site this way. Also, go to and and get free articles to put on your blog about your niche topic.

There you go!


Lawton Chiles Chiles Design

-> Who Is Chiles Design?

Chiles Design focuses on getting your business specific, measurable results from advertising ad campaigns, copywriting, and graphic design. Using these three mediums together, Chiles Design accomplishes one thing: Creative more money from your advertising, and elimiates the guesswork on whether or not you are actually making money from that ad in the paper or the commercial you did, or the radio spot.

---> Benefits of Hire Great copywriting, headlines, bullet points, subheads, captions and copy that does not demand anything, but copy that eases the reader who wants to buy anyway into picking up the phone, cutting out a coupon, or coming in for a sale.

Designs that compliement the ad, not distract from it.

Only a few people have studied the direct response ad masters. Chiles Design is one of the firms that has.

Please contact me today at or

Simply call me at 850.728.0212 and we can just talk about your needs and desires for your business.

By: Lawton Chies

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