Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Productive Web Site Design - 4 First Steps to Web Site Design-

There is no point in just going ahead and creating a website for your business. It is only if the right steps are taken into creating a productive website will you find some profit and benefit from the website. The content is the most important part of the website. Create content for the website using keywords the user will most probably use to make searches to reach your website. With the right keywords, you find it easier to get a good ranking for the website in search engine directories.

When you choose a domain name for the website, make sure the name is something that refers to your topic as this will also help in search engine ranking. When buying a domain name, you also need to buy hosting for the site. Choose the hosting program that best suits your needs.

Another point to remember while creating productive websites is not to use too much flash on the website. Though flash may make the website look interesting, it reduces the loading time of the website as flash has a longer downloading time.

There are other key factors to keep in mind while creating your website with Search Engine Optimization like linking and pictures. Though pictures may look great on the site, there is no point in using too many pictures on the site as robots can’t read pictures for information. Using page links is something beneficial in search engines; however make sure you link the pages to your website properly lest you end up with links that bring up an error page. Once you complete the website, check that links work as with the right links, it is very much possible to increase the traffic, and productivity to your website.

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By: James Krawder

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