Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fast Web Site Design - 9 Ways to Advance in Web Site Design

Just creating a web site is not sufficient as web site design trends usually change with time. However with some minute changes in your website design, you can find your website improve and bring in more traffic for you.

With the many brands of computers available in the market today it is important that your website design is compatible with most computer systems. If there are features in your website required, place a download link in your website. Make sure that all the pages in your website are complete; if you have to include incomplete pages, ensure that there is some informative content on the page that motivates people to check back later.

Keep a constant upgrade of your content by adding new additions to the web pages with the improvements and modifications in your business. Check your website for spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical content too. If you use graphics in your website, use them sparingly as too much of graphics only makes people impatient while waiting for your website to load while websites without graphics prove to be boring.

Keep your web design filled with interactivity with the surfers by adding mail lists, ezines, message boards and guest books. You could also include contests to make your customers return for more. If you have links on your website, make sure that they are all in working condition. Pages that are removed from your website have to have a custom 404 page redirecting visitors to your home page.

Make sure that your website takes no longer than eight seconds to download as if it takes longer, the visitor may leave your website. Your website design has to be such that it is easy for the visitor to navigate on your website. They have to find what they were looking for!

Search engine optimization is important for a successful website as this is the only way you could get a good search engine ranking. With a good search engine ranking, you get more traffic to your site. Last, but not least, please ensure that your website design is consistent with all your business goals. This is because the look and feel of your website design reflects your style.

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By: James Krawder

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