Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Business Card Design Starts With You - 7 Design Ideas

Whatever you put your mind into, you can ably perform and achieve. If you've set yourself to have the business card design you have in mind, then anything is possible.

Business card design begins with a concept you have in mind and what you desire to achieve with it. It may not be a completely thought out business card design, but having an idea on what feel you want to create is a great start.

A business card design does not simply spur out the moment you say “I want to design a business card.” Imagination, it seems doesn’t always work that way.

To help you start out in your business card design, here are some a few ideas you can use. Put your thinking hat on and set sail your imagination.

1. Select an object that would embody who you are or what your occupation is all about. It’s not a contest about stating the obvious, so you don’t always to show off your buff body on the business card to indicate that you are a fitness trainer.

You can always use other objects that would ably hint your clients. Choose objects that would allow them to easily make associations. An example would be an image of a bride and groom cake topper if you are a wedding planner and the like.

2. Your latest work can say plenty about the things you can achieve. The business card is a place where you can impress clients with your credentials. And no, it’s not just about having a title to your name like a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

If you’re a horse breeder, why not use your prize winning horse as the main image of your business card. You can even advertise your achievements on your business card. “2007 Horse Breeder of the Year” and the like.

3. Certain industries have a certain lifestyle, mood or atmosphere that they imbibe. Take advantage of these and use it to influence your choice of colors. Spa and wellness centers use calming colors of light greens, blues and pinks to recreate the same effect.

4. It would also do well to use recognized images that automatically indicate your industry. Images of plants and flowers can automatically point out that you are a florist, landscape artist or horticulturist.

5. If you are most recognized for a specific product or creation, then use it. More or less, it’ll give you the leverage you need to better source out people who will be interested in your goods. You are not only creating an effective design, but one that sells as well.

6. Browsing the world wide web for business card designs to imitate can be tiring and straining on the eyes. Use your surroundings as your inspiration. All the print materials that you see can influence you in choosing a particular font, style, and even color combination.

7. When all else fails, you can design your business cards using an online design tool. These design tools have templates that are tailored fit to a particular industry or category. You can use these templates and edit them to make them uniquely yours.

You can upload your own photos and images to add to the business card template. And with the online design tool, you can select the font you want, its color and size. Added to this, you can layout the text however you like.

Business card design can be a truly challenging experience but a fun one at that. What makes it all the more fun is the convenience provided by a professional printing company who provides you with all the things you need. A business card online design tool, fast turnaround time, cost-effective rates, quality prints and unquestionable service are an unbeatable package you shouldn’t miss out.

Rise up to the challenge and make your own business card design. Afterwards, pat yourself on the back for trusting only a professional printing company who will oversee all your hard work.

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By: Jenny Abejuela

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