Sunday, September 16, 2007

Profitable Web Site Design - Advanced Ways to Make More Money With Web Site Design

Web site design is just growing bigger and more profitable by the second with the booming number of websites that are mushrooming on the web every single day; the web is growing larger and can accommodate everyone. Using your website to attract other opportunities is the crux of profitable web site design.

1. If you are a good graphics designer or know how to make website templates you can indeed make a profit selling graphics and templates. If you are interested in learning to create your own graphics and templates you can learn good graphic creation software like Photoshop for example.

2. You can also participate in affiliate programs. There are many sites who will give you a percentage of their profits if your site points to theirs and that helps them make a sale.

3. You can also design entire sites for people, including the graphics. For that all your need to know is basic HTML and if you wish to pursue this on a professional level you can also learn the workings of popular shopping cart software for people who have small businesses and need a good site designer.

4. If you have good, quality content on your website you can restrict access to a certain part of your site for which you can charge a membership fee. This is of course only after you have enjoyed a certain amount of success with your content that you can expect people to pay for your content.

5. You can also offer a pay-per-use service. Renting a service is equally popular as is selling one and you can have customers coming back or recommending others.

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By: James Krawder

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