Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hiring a Graphic Designer? Here are 10 Quick Things You'll Want to Consider

1. Their guarantee. Only work with designers that stand 100% behind their work.

This is an easy way to identify if the designer is an expert and a reputable

artist - ask how he/she stands behind the work and service.

2. Their current portfolio - Does their portfolio have the quality of work that

you want and expect?

3. Past testimonials - What have past clients said about them?

4. Their willingness to educate you and your staff - Will the designer take

the time to work with you and your staff, and provide top-notch support and


5. The value-added services they can offer (we offer content editing, custom

and stock photography, video services, photo editing, as well as assistance

in marketing/advertising) - If you might need these additional services you

may have to pay extra for them if the designer can't offer them to you.

6. Their ability and willingness to research your business, your objectives

and your prospects - Without thoroughly knowing you and your business a designer

is not going to be able to design projects that will generate revenue and results.

7. Their background in business, marketing or advertising - if your goal is

to bring in revenue from your investment, it's crucial that the image firm has

a foundation in business marketing and advertising. This one is critical! If

your goal is to bring in revenue and results, you'll need a designer that firmly

understands your market and how best to reach them. You'll only want to work

with business savvy designers who know how to weave proven marketing strategies

into your projects. Ask the designer what expertise they have in marketing and


8. How they evaluate the success of your project. Many designers feel they've

done an adequate job by just creating something that they feel looks cool or

neat. Your goal will probably go beyond looking cool into gaining market share,

boosting revenue, more brand awareness, etc. Make sure the designers evaluation

of your project's success is the same as yours. After all, design that doesn't

bring in any results or revenue is just art - and unless you sell art, it won't

make you any money.

9. Their demeanor towards you and their other clients - The designer should

function as your marketing and design department, so you'll end up working closely

with him/her. Do you feel the designer has a good attitude towards you and your


10. Value - notice value is listed here and not price. Smart business owners

know that value rather than price should dictate what decisions she/he makes.

Do you feel you will get results and a good value from working with the designer?

Do you feel you'll get more than your investment back from working with the


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By: Jeremy Tuber

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