Monday, September 3, 2007

6 Quick Steps to Make More Profit with Web Site Design

Web site design does not have to be a frustrating exercise. Nor do you need a degree in graphic design to make a good one. A little common sense and a user friendly attitude will go a long way to help you. Here are 6 steps to help you with profitable web site design.

Step 1: Analyze Your User
Is your goal to attract professional in the baby boom generation? Then don’t fill your page with bright graffiti-styled lettering. However, if you’re attracting a young urban user, then the graffiti is fine. You can figure out what the color preferences are for your target group by looking at other websites that appeal to them.

Step 2: Know The User’s Word Choices
Much in the same vein as Step 1, you would not want to try to appeal to home gardeners by the using language of an architect. Web site design targets a user carefully.

Step 3: Write for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
Either that or hire it done. SOE and SEM techniques are designed to get a website noticed by telling the search engines that your site is relevant to the search terms the customer has just entered.

Step 4: Get Email Lists
Use your website design to convince people to send you their email address. Use squeeze pages, check boxes, and other means to get new contacts.

Step 5: Use Hooks
When you’re writing your content, say things that will make people want to continue reading your other pages, like, “For more information, simply turn the page.”

Step 6: Keep Track of Links
Whether it’s someone else linking to your site or you linking elsewhere, make sure they all work. It’s frustrating to a potential customer to click on a broken link.

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